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About Me

Looking for a writer who can deliver with minimum guidance and support?

What you’ll get from me:

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • A strategic writer who sees ‘the big picture’
  • Knowledge of SEO and the latest marketing trends and best practices
  • Intelligent copy – even if it’s on topics I’m less familiar with
  • Key points highlighted to grab attention, spark interest and elicit action
  • Superior attention to detail and a positive, energetic attitude
  • Your deadlines met – every time
  • Dad jokes (quality may vary)


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Paul Parry


Ghostwriting and business card books

Pazzabaijan - Book cover V7Everyone’s got a website and business cards are boring. I ghostwrite books and offer a complete service to create business card books, such as mine, Pazzabaijan. Click/tap here for details.


Quality copy for your . . . 

  • Blog – in-depth, quality articles that your audience will actually benefit from and will help you move up in Google (I know SEO, too).  Read my case study and here’s an example of blog posts I’ve written
  • Website (enhance your industry reputation)
  • Ebook
  • Supporting documentation
  • Marketing/communications – such as press releases
  • Admin, training or ‘tech specs’



  • Sports specialist with major event experience (2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China as well as the 1st European Games in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan). Clients were the International Olympic Committee and the Baku European Games Operations Committee
  • Ability to write/sub copy across platforms and for numerous audiences
  • Deadline-meeting time-management
  • Exceptional quality



As well as providing writing and editing services, I create websites for businesses, organisations and individuals. Click/tap here to see a selection of my work.


AW tweet



Paul Parry

At Work

As a copywriter, blogger, sub-editor and product creator, I’ve done a fair bit with words.

I’ve also been an internet marketing consultant since 2009, helping individuals and small businesses make more of their online presence.

Prior to all that , I worked in the TV industry for 14 years, in transmission. Some of the companies I worked for and channels I looked after included…


You can read my story in my new book.

Paul Parry


I achieved three ‘A’ Levels, from Greenhill College in Harrow, north-west London:

  • English Language Studies (‘A’ grade)
  • Communication Studies
  • Geography

Following those delights, I went to Leicester’s De Montfort University (1990 – 1993), where I achieved a BA Media Studies.

I didn’t even get annoyed when they addressed their final correspondence – the letter I received when I left that said, “Thanks very much, here’s what you achieved…” – to ‘Pail Perry’. #morethanjustatypo


Paul Parry

Books I’ve read

A selection of cracking reads:

The Long Tail | The Tipping Point | Outliers | Purple Cow | Hegarty on Creativity | Mindset | The Big Leap | Life’s A Pitch | Permission Marketing | Book Yourself Solid | Stephen King On Writing | The Adweek Copywriting Handbook | Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion | Change Your Thinking Change Your Life | What Colour is Your Parachute? |  How to Win Friends and Influence People | Tested Advertising Methods | Confessions of an Advertising Man | Twenty Ads That Shook the World | Words that Sell | The Corporate Blogging Book | The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers | The Trick to Money is Having Some | Networking For Career Success | The Story Book – a writers’ guide to story development, principles, problem resolution and marketing | How to Build a Blog | The Author’s Guide to Publishing Success | ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever | Choose Yourself! | The Well-Fed Writer | E-commerce Get It Right! | New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors | How the World Sees You | Forget Strategy. Get Results | The English | The Alchemist | Crush It! | Blink | Key Person of Influence | Internet Prophets | What Would Google Do? | Fantastic Mr Fox | Who Moved My Cheese? | God is a DJ – but he only warms up for Sasha | The 4-Hour Work Week | 50 Success Classics | Kensuke’s Kingdom | Faster than Lightning: My Autobiography (Usain Bolt) | The Rise of the Humans | We Are Our Brains | The Chimp Paradox | Tribes | All Marketers Are Liars | The Desire Code (as editor) 


PP doing good

Overtaken by a Womble

This picture of me was taken as I ran the London Marathon in 2013. I raised over £3,000 and achieved a lifelong ambition in the process. Win-win.

Click the image below to watch a two-minute video that was kindly put together for me by a friend on the eve of the event as a gesture of goodwill and support.

Paul Parry

At Play

I have a passion for all kinds of pop, rock and dance music (I play the drums, but not as well as my elder daughter, who’s currently 13).

Sport has always been ‘for me’, especially football – I’ve been a Watford FC season ticket-holder for decades – and I also have a keen interest in British social history, geography, current affairs, reading, theatre and psychology. And of course I love to spend time with my wife and two young daughters.

Finally, creative writing remains a pleasure and I have written or co-written scripts (‘Beach In Our Time’ – 1985, 2nd Draft), a novel (I later put the whole thing on Twitter, line-by-line) and various articles for football websites and books.

Oh, I love laughing, beer and good food, too.

In The News


Here are some testimonials from those who’ve worked with me:


“I highly recommend Paul.”

– Anthony Edgar, Head of Olympic Games Media Operations




 “…of the highest standard during a demanding month”

“Having worked with Paul at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, I was delighted to be able to call on his expertise once again at the inaugural European Games in Baku in June 2015.

Paul joined an extremely busy subs’ desk in an unfamiliar environment, but adapted quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

His good humour, flexibility, attention to detail and sheer bloody-minded fact-checking were of the highest standard during a demanding month in which we produced more than 2,500 news stories. Equally impressive was his willingness to pitch in and to take every opportunity to develop and improve.”Tim Barnett, editor of the Games News Service at the Baku 2015 European Games




Nanjing“I was lucky to have Paul on my team and hope to have him on any team I work with in the future”

“I was lucky to have Paul Parry on my team for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games and hope to have him on any team I work with in the future.

As a sub editor, his eye for detail, knowledge of sport, and writing ability ensured he was an invaluable member of the group. Paul’s desire to learn and improve himself was evident every day, which is essential for any journalist.

Just as important as his ability to do the job, Paul’s passion for his work and his general attitude make him a great person to share an office with.” – Roddie McVake, chief sub-editor, Youth Information Service for the IOC at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games




“…Went beyond to deliver a site better than we could have specified ourselves

“It has been a real pleasure working with Paul to deliver a new website for our club. Paul is both very professional in his approach, and also very easy to get on with.

He has been quick to respond on all requests made of him, and has helped us to deliver a website that not only met all our requirements, but went beyond to deliver a site better than we could have specified ourselves.

Our new site has been very well received by our club members, and the whole project has been delivered on time and to great success. Thanks once again Paul!” Peter Beuselinck, Metros RC Secretary


“The response from Metros members is excellent, we are all thrilled.” Pat Jackson, Metros RC Co-founder




“I am very impressed with Paul’s ‘can do’ attitude

“I am very impressed with Paul’s ‘can do’ attitude.

He helped us to launch our website, dealing with the tasks we needed help with, but also taking time to make some valuable suggestions about other aspects of the website.

I know who I will be calling if we have problems with our website!” – Olga Freely, Director of Clonboy Ltd, supplier of bespoke school uniform and sportswear 



Harrow A.C. “An absolute delight”

“Working with Paul on the development of our new athletics club website has been an absolute delight.

Not only is he extremely easy to work with and collaborate on project tasks, Paul goes the extra mile to ensure that if there is something you don’t understand, he will walk through it with you until the penny drops.

If there is something extra that you ask for he adopts a ‘can-do’ attitude which gives you confidence and the end result is a professional look and feel to your organisation’s web presence.” – Mike Lepps, Website Manager, Harrow Athletic Club





Frame 25 “I cannot recommend him highly enough”

“Having used Paul’s services for the last year I cannot recommend him highly enough. His knowledge of online marketing and copywriting have proven invaluable when designing and implementing a new strategy.

I was impressed from our first meeting, having done background research on our sector and company history Paul’s approach was to listen and develop ideas underpinned by extensive knowledge of his sector.

This continues to add real value to our business. Paul is well-informed and passionate about consistently delivering a quality product.” – Tom Pammenter, MD, Frame 25 Broadcast Recruitment


“Really enjoy your in the Frames, lots of excellent info and content. Nice little conversation pieces too!” – Gary Farrell, Consultant, Frame 25 Broadcast Recruitment




 “I so appreciate what you have done for me”

“Thanks Paul, I so appreciate what you have done for me on the website.” – Mark Groom, Grooms Property Services





 “I would highly recommend Paul”

“I was looking to set up a website for my artwork and approached Paul Parry. Paul was great from start to finish. I also found him to be very approachable and willing to answer any queries i might have. I would highly recommend Paul” – Dean Moone, Dean Moone Artwork




a8uk “Paul is a true professional”

“Paul is a true professional when it comes to working with clients, understanding their brief and offering advice from his extensive experiences to help achieve the objective. 

In an often cluttered environment of online and hard copy articles it is essential that you have specialists in how you portray your business to the outside world.

Paul’s understanding and attention to detail helps put a clients mind at rest that a project will it not only be completed but will have had as much thought as if one was doing it oneself. In essence he treats each project like it was his own business and that empathy is invaluable in achieving the required goals. – Stu Conroy, MD – Activ8 Distribution





 “Highly recommended”

“Paul is personable, knowledgeable, and offers excellent consultancy. He has deep seo knowledge, is very amenable and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Highly recommended.” – Alan Whitton – West Essex Hypnotherapy




rsz_admaps-ltd-logo-20151 “Your expertise and knowledge were invaluable”

“Many thanks for all of your help developing our new website. Your expertise and knowledge were invaluable.

As you know we are developing some new products for next year and when they go live I will contact you to advise how we need the website updated. In the meantime thank you for your ongoing support with the website SEO. – Jonathan Cooksley – Admaps Limited




rsz_dj I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul”

“Before I set up my own website I pretty much only knew how to send and receive emails, and a little social networking. Paul made everything so easy and straightforward for me, and made me realise the task wasn’t daunting at all. Always patient, Paul really is the ultimate professional and 100% accurate on deadlines. 

He is always thoroughly polite and courteous and thorough with his work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul.” – Dean Jorgensen, – Dean Jorgensen Magic




rsz_arqiva-logo-hub “…an efficient and successful person”

“It is with great pleasure that I write a quick review about my experience with Paul Parry. In business, most will find that there is an important key element to succeeding in any endeavor; teamwork is the basic essential that excels great work into extraordinary accomplishment.

I’ve personally have had…..and continue having the pleasure of working with Paul, and experience a fundamental asset that many lack today. His ability to collaborate and work well with others has always made him an efficient and successful person.” – Joseph Pignataro, Broadcast Transmission Shift Leader | Broadcast Playout Supervisor at Arqiva




“…greatly pleased”

“I used Paul’s service and was greatly pleased. Paul’s electronic notes are easy to read and made my submitted work as close to perfection as possible. What amazes me is that I proof-read my own work several times….and found no errors. After Paul showed me a few mistakes, I know fully how it is very important to have an objective expert go over the written word before it is finalized.”  – John Swendsen





 “…always a pleasure working with Paul”

“Paul wrote our broadcast technology recruitment brochure a few years ago when we were trying different ideas for our marketing. Paul worked well with us to get a feel for what we were looking for and he delivered professional and well written copy. It is always a pleasure working with Paul, he listens well to what you need, is good at what he does and is a very nice down-to-earth, honest guy. I would always work with Paul again.” – Natasha Monaghan, Team Leader – Broadcast Engineering & Operations Recruitment – Caspian One





 “…just incredible!”

“Thank you very much, I’ve had an amazing response. It even went out in print in Belgrade in one of the newspapers and quite a few people have been in touch with me since the press release went worldwide. It’s just incredible! Thanks again!” – Alex Cocic-Hill,




“Thanks for your excellent service”

“Thanks for your excellent service…Thanks for your quick response and proofreading. I like a lot your service and fast reaction time.”
– Bernhard Seen




SE “…delivers on time, on budget and to an agreed level of quality”

“I will work with Paul again simply because he delivers on time, on budget and to an agreed level of quality.” – Simon Edelstyn, MD – contraco Europe (now MD Europe, Outbrain Ltd.)


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  • Address: I'm based in Croxley, just outside London (at the end of the Metropolitan line).
  • Phone: +44 (0)7899 79 29 75
  • Email:

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